TAMEST is proud to share that six Texas-based researchers were elected to the National Academy of Engineering in February, and welcomes them to our organization:

Frederick ChangFrederick R. Chang, Ph.D.: Director, Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security, Bobby B. Lyle Centennial Distinguished Chair in Cyber Security, Southern Methodist University, for "leadership in cybersecurity research in the intelligence community and advancing the importance of cybersecurity science in academia."

Basil Louis JoffeBasil Louis Joffe, Ph.D.: Senior Operations Research Consultant, Spiral Software Ltd., Houston, for "leadership in optimization-based production planning systems for the petroleum and petrochemical industry."

David MaidmentDavid R. Maidment, Ph.D.: Hussein M. Alharthy Centennial Chair in Civil Engineering, Center for Research in Water Resources, The University of Texas at Austin, "for the development of geographic information systems applied to hydrologic processes."

Ann Beal SalamoneAnn Beal Salamone: President, Rochal Industries LLC, San Antonio, "for development of materials for biomedical applications, personal care, electronics, and water purification."

Bridget ScanlonBridget R. Scanlon, Ph.D.: Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology in the Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin, "for contributions to the evaluation of groundwater recharge and aquifer depletion."

Ganesh ThakurGanesh Thakur, Ph.D.: President, Thakur Services Inc., Houston, "for leadership in the implementation of integrated reservoir management techniques."

These six new Texas-based members of the National Academy of Engineering will be recognized as new TAMEST members at our annual conference in January 2017.