STEM Education for Texas

To flourish in the 21st century, the United States must continue to generate intellectual capital that can drive the economic engine of our future prosperity. American students are falling behind in the essential subjects of math and science, putting the U.S. position in the global economy at risk. To be truly successful, our country must ensure that all students, no matter what their financial circumstances, race, or gender, have access to careers in the promising fields of science, technology, and engineering.

In response to the 2007 National Academies Report Rising Above the Gathering Storm, TAMEST embarked on a two-year study of K-12 STEM education in Texas, culminating with the release of the report The Next Frontier: World Class Math and Science Education for Texas in 2008. In this report, TAMEST identified “Programs that Get an A+” for excellence in STEM education efforts in Texas. Updated summaries of these programs are provided below. In addition, TAMEST is highlighting other programs, schools, and organizations that promote STEM education in Texas. These summaries are divided into three categories: STEM High Schools, Colleges & Universities, and Independent Education Initiatives.

A Plus Programs  STEM High SchoolsColleges & Universities  Independent Education Initiatives