2020 O’Donnell Award in Technology Innovation: Kristine Kieswetter, Ph.D., and Deepak Kilpadi, Ph.D.

Dec 4, 2019

KCI Scientists Recognized for Transforming Wound Therapy

Kristine Kieswetter, Ph.D. and Deepak Kilpadi, Ph.D., KCI, are the recipients of the TAMEST 2020 Edith and Peter O’Donnell Award in Technology Innovation for their contributions to better wound therapy.

Drs. Kieswetter and Kilpadi have both been the driving force behind the evolution of the use of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), which has set the standard for advanced wound care. NPWT, put simply, is the application of a vacuum, via a dressing, to a wounded surface. Their leadership has helped V.A.C.® Therapy amass more published clinical evidence than any other NPWT product on the market. Today, KCI’s V.A.C.® Therapy has been selected as the treatment of choice for more than 10 million wounds worldwide.

“The passion Deepak and Kris have is really driven by seeing the profound effect V.A.C.® Therapy has on patients by restoring their lives,” said Dr. John Harper, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, KCI. “This is not just wound care, it positively effects people’s livelihoods, social activity, self-esteem and so much more.”

Dr. Kieswetter established the strategy and initial frame work for developing the scientific evidence that led to the understanding of key mechanisms of negative pressure wound therapy and significantly expanded indications, and it was Dr. Kilpadi’s research, through a series of elegant experiments, that furthered the understanding the effects of negative pressure on a wounded area’s underlying tissue, lymphatic system and vascular physiology.

“TAMEST is honored to present the 2020 Edith and Peter O’Donnell Award in Technology Innovation to Dr. Kieswetter and Dr. Kilpadi,” said TAMEST Board President Amelie G. Ramirez, Dr.P.H. “Their advancement of understanding new forms of wound therapy has not only led to patented product enhancements, but transformed the trajectory of wound care as we know it.”

The recipients will be honored during the O’Donnell Awards dinner and reception on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at the TAMEST 2020 Annual Conference: Innovating Texas–Research to Commercialization. The conference takes place January 7-9, 2020, at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel in downtown Dallas. Media are encouraged to attend the ceremony and the conference.

Interview opportunities with Dr. Kieswetter and/or Dr. Kilpadi are available. Please contact:  

Maggie Fairchild
Manager, PR
Office: 210-330-2666
E-Mail: maggie.fairchild@acelity.com

2020 TAMEST Edith and Peter O’Donnell Award Recipients:

  • Medicine: Susan “Bess” Frost, Ph.D., UT Health San Antonio
  • Engineering: Jeffrey Rimer, Ph.D., University of Houston
  • Science: Alessandra Corsi, Ph.D., Texas Tech University
  • Technology Innovation: Kristine Kieswetter, Ph.D. and Deepak Kilpadi, Ph.D., KCI

About the O’Donnell Awards: 

The Edith and Peter O’Donnell Awards annually recognize rising Texas researchers who are addressing the essential role that science and technology play in society, and whose work meets the highest standards of exemplary professional performance, creativity and resourcefulness.

Over $1 million has been awarded to more than 50 recipients in the categories of medicine, engineering, science and technology innovation since the inception of the O’Donnell Awards in 2006. 11 O’Donnell Recipients have gone on to be elected to the National Academies. Read more about the 2020 Edith and Peter O’Donnell Awards recipients.


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