2015 TAMEST Texas Research Summit

Texas Research Summit
On 2015, TAMEST hosted a one-of-a-kind event, a new research summit in Texas that gathered federal agencies and Texas’ leading researchers together to highlight the outstanding research and innovation taking place in Texas. The objective of the summit was to better understand federal research priorities so that Texas institutions are more competitive in seeking federal funding.

TAMEST is a nonprofit brain trust for Texas. Our members make new discoveries, lay the groundwork for tackling critical issues, and change the course of funding, legislation and society. With over 280 members, TAMEST is composed of the Texas-based members of The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and the state’s Nobel Laureates.

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Program and Op-Ed Articles

Texas Research Summit
Texas Research Summary Overview and Takeaways
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Gordon England
Recap the Summit with Gordon England
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Mauro Ferrari
The Promise of Precision Medicine: Dr. Mauro Ferrari of Houston Methodist Research Institute
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Using Science to Improve Cybersecurity with AT&T Labs
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Paul Chu
Energy Storage: Why Texas Research Offers Promise for the Future, with Dr. Paul Chu of University of Houston
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Joseph Beaman
How Texas Could Help Revitalize Manufacturing in America with Dr. Joseph Beaman of UT Austin
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Tom Jacobs
Groundbreaking Ideas in Brain Research in Texas with Dr. Tom Jacobs of UT System
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Texas Research Summit

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France Cordova

Dr. France Córdova


National Science Foundation

Our country is increasingly diverse and complicated and we are facing increased global competition in discovery and innovation.

As we move toward the future, one area NSF is advancing is STEM and Diversity education and training. This is critical to finding today’s – and tomorrow’s – answers to a growing and diverse world and workforce, as well as meeting threats and challenges to our security and our leadership in global innovation.

At NSF, we’re focused on that and proud this type of collaboration in diverse partnerships has been a part of our rich history and landscape.

Phillip Singerman

Dr. Phillip Singerman

Associate Director for Innovation and Industry Services


Stefanie Tompkins

Dr. Stefanie Tompkins

Director, Defense Sciences


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