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Thomas J.R. Hughes
Dr. Thomas J.R. Hughes

EngineeringScience Wilhelm Exner Medal Awarded to Thomas J.R. Hughes

During a recent ceremony at the Annual General Meeting of the ÖGV in Vienna, Austria, TAMEST Member Dr. Thomas J. R. Hughes was awarded the Wilhelm Exner Medal, “in recognition of his pioneering developments in the field of modeling and simulation, its highly successful economic exploitation, and, more generally, for being an outstanding scientist.” Read more about the Wilhelm Exner Medal and read more about Dr. Hughes…

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Science Texas A&M Astronomers to Study Star Fuel with National Science Foundation Grant

Texas A&M University astronomers have their sights set on new astrophysical insights involving the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond, thanks to the help of recent grants from the National Science Foundation. The grants will fund all programs and costs associated with finding answers about how galaxies are formed and why some have stopped making stars while others continue to do so. Read to find out more about the astronomers’ impending research…

Lynda Chin
Dr. Lynda Chin

Medical The Promise of Cognitive Computing in Cancer

Cancer oriented cognitive computer systems are designed to read and remember the evolving and ever expanding body of medical literature. These computers can potentially deliver the best evidence-based care to patients through sharing knowledge and expertise, ensuring that patients have access to equitable care, no matter who and where they are. Read more in this blog post from the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, co-written by TAMEST Member Dr. Lynda Chin and Dr. Hagop Kantarjian…


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