2013 O’Donnell Awards Recipients

2013 O'Donnell Awards recipients
2013 O’Donnell Award recipients Timothy J. Nedwed, Youxing Jiang, Lora Hooper and Li Shi. 
The 2013 O’Donnell Award winners include: medicine awardee Dr. Lora Hooper for the discovery of immune mechanisms that promote host-bacterial symbiosis; engineering awardee Dr. Li Shi for his pioneering contribution to the fundamental understanding of nanoscale thermal transport and thermoelectric energy conversion processes, and for his application of the scientific discoveries to enhance thermoelectric energy conversion devices and thermal management of nanoelectronic and energy storage devices; science awardee Dr. Youxing Jiang for the elucidation of the atomic structures of membrane-bound ion channels; and technology innovation Dr. Timothy Nedwed for his innovative approaches in furthering the industry’s capabilities for responding to offshore oil spills.


Lora Hooper

Lora V. Hooper, Ph.D.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
National Academy of Sciences: 2015
National Academy of Medicine: 2022


Li Shi

Li Shi, Ph.D.

The University of Texas at Austin


Youxing Jiang

Youxing Jiang, Ph.D.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Technology Innovation

Timothy Nedwed

Timothy J. Nedwed, Ph.D.

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

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