TAMEST 2020–Innovating Texas: Research to Commercialization–Summary of Conference Now Available

TAMEST (The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas) held its annual conference, Innovating Texas, on January 7–9 in Dallas to look at research commercialization through multidisciplinary forums of state and national experts on innovation. With this gathering of the greater research community, Texan titans of industry and innovation experts, the conference aimed to work together and map out the future of Texas’ success.

The conference provided participants with information and analysis on Texas innovation ranging from early innovation– the creation of MD Anderson Cancer Center as one of three original comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Act of 1941, the Nobel Prize winning Texas Instruments engineer who invented the integrated circuit in 1958–to the innovative horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies that are making Texas a driving force in the energy industry today.

The conference resulted in a broader understanding of the innovation happening across the state. Participants also networked across disciplines to foster collaborations for years to come.

More than 350 registrants representing leaders of Texas industry, medical research, academia, venture capital and more attended and contributed their experiences, perspectives and insights. The 41 different panelists and speakers discussed Texas innovation in three categories: celebrate, critique and catalyze.

View our 2020 Annual Conference Summary here. Photos, videos and slides of the 2020 conference are now also available.


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