TAMEST Welcomes 16 New Members in 2019


From Nobel Laureates to world-renowned experts, TAMEST has welcomed more than 220 members since our organization’s inception in 2004, bringing our total number of active members to 304. This year, TAMEST is pleased to welcome 16 new members who have been elected to the National Academies or recruited to Texas.

“TAMEST is a truly unique organization that brings together top, Texas talent in medicine, science and engineering,” said TAMEST Board President Amelie Ramirez, Dr.PH. “Our members are making new discoveries, advancing their fields, and working to make Texas a better place for all of our citizens. We are grateful for their groundbreaking work in positioning our state as an important hub for science and innovation.”

TAMEST is composed of the Texas-based members of the three National Academies (National Academy of Medicine, National Academy of Engineering, and National Academy of Sciences), the Royal Society and the state’s 11 Nobel Laureates. Whether recruited to the state or a native Texan, our distinguished membership has become an integral part of Texas’ pursuit to become a premier destination for research and innovation.

“I love that I have been a part of actions that have helped move our Texas self-realization of its technology capabilities forward,” said 2019 new member Mary Pat Moyer, Ph.D. (NAE), CEO and chief science officer of INCELL. “Personally, I relate to the fact that Texas is a place where tough and perseverant pioneers and mavericks have worked against the odds, alone and with others, to tackle problems, while creating and building on the resources available. It is consistent with my philosophy to ‘be honest, hire and work with good people, keep a spiritual center and never, never give up!’”

TAMEST will officially welcome these new members at the opening reception of our TAMEST 2020 conference—Innovating Texas: Research to Commercialization—on Tuesday, January 7 in Dallas, Texas.

TAMEST’s New 2019 Members:


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