Edith and Peter O’Donnell Awards Information Sessions

2021 New NAS Members

TAMEST recently hosted two information sessions on the selection process for the Edith and Peter O’Donnell Awards. Video and slides from the two sessions are now available.

“We have many highly innovative and groundbreaking scientists in the state of Texas,” said TAMEST Member and O’Donnell Awards Committee Chair Ann Beal Salamone (NAE), Rochal Industries, LLC during the session. “Being able to articulate in writing what it is that this person has done that is groundbreaking, innovative and transformative is important. We’re not looking at quantity, but the high level of contribution to research that they have afforded society.”

The programming was broken into two sessions: one for the Medicine, Engineering, Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences Awards and another for the Technology Innovation Award.

The sessions reviewed the history of the awards program and its 67 recipients to date, fifteen of whom have gone on to election to one of the three National Academies. They also reviewed eligibility requirements for the program and gave their best tips for what makes a top nomination. 

“What you want to be doing is thinking about who in your institution is the most qualified person for this particular award,” said TAMEST Member Bonnie Bartel, Ph.D. (NAS), Rice University, who chairs the Biological Sciences Subcommittee and co-hosted the first session. “I wouldn’t not nominate somebody because you don’t have someone who is right up against the eligibility deadlines. If you have a great person who has five years of experience, and you think that is your best candidate, then nominate them.” 

The Technology Innovation session focused on elements unique to that award, which specifically designed to recognize individuals in applied sciences and engineering from industry. TAMEST Member Oliver C. Mullins, Ph.D. (NAE), Schlumberger Limited, chairs the Technology Innovation Subcommittee and co-hosted the session. Dr. Mullins reminded attendees that academic nominators can put forward a Technology Innovation candidate that has made a major technological innovation while employed in an industry environment, but who may now hold an academic appointment, according to the award nomination guide.

In addition to the Technology Innovation session and Medicine, Engineering, Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences session, answers to Frequently Asked Questions are also available for nominators.

The deadline to nominate for the 2023 Edith and Peter O’Donnell Awards is May 31.


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