2020 Annual Conference

The TAMEST 2020 Annual Conference: Innovating Texas explored how basic research leads to new technologies, products and companies and showcased avenues to commercialization for researchers across an array of disciplines. The program featured success stories from some of Texas’ greatest entrepreneurs and inventors and looked at astounding research and technology developments happening now that will impact our lives and economy in the future.

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TAMEST 2020 Annual Conference

Annual Conference

TAMEST Annual Conference

In January of each year, TAMEST hosts an annual conference where the state’s top researchers, corporate leaders and university presidents and chancellors can come together to discuss cutting edge research within a broad array of fields including life sciences, medicine, aerospace and energy.

While the topics for each conference varies year over year, the goal of each conference—being able to connect academia, industry, legislature and members—remains unchanged. Topics have included brain health, aerospacesustainability, cancer, materials science and engineering and more.

Attendees include TAMEST members, their designated protégés and special invited guests. Learn more about past conferences below.

2019 Annual Conference

2019 Annual Conference: Brain Health

Investigating topics like mental health, healthy aging, neurological disease prevention, technological advances in mapping the brain and the neuroscience research priorities and challenges ahead.

2018 Annual Conference

2018 Annual Conference: Aerospace

Exploring the potential in Texas for greater research and development in aerospace, specifically in the areas of human space flight, aeronautics and commercial space exploration.

2017 Annual Conference

2017 Annual Conference: Sustainable Future

Examining key issues like energy, health, water and transportation and the challenges we face ensuring an equitable, efficient supply of them in the coming century.

2016 Annual Conference

2016 Annual Conference

Highlighting recent developments in materials science and engineering that are and will be leading to qualitative changes in the way products are manufactured, the way medicine is practiced and the way energy is provided to our society.

2015 Annual Conference

2015 Annual Conference

Focusing on cancer research, encompassing highlights of current problems, new mechanistic information, technology and therapeutic considerations for a disease that is now the second leading cause of death in the United States.

2015 Annual Conference

2014 Annual Conference

Highlighting the important role of computational science and engineering in the advancement of scientific research across the disciplines.


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